Misc. Hawkins Marriages and and Vital Records Notes

This is a series of marriage and vital records listings for Hawkins in Quebec and Ontario that I do not currently have listed in my Database.  If you find a link to your lines, please let me know so that we can build these into family trees and attempt to tie them in to know lines.

Abel Hawkins married Harriet Clarke Nov. 30, 1854 at St. Paul,
Church of England

Abel Franklin Hawkins married Alice Kittie Dyke May 29, 1883 at
Sweetsburg, Methodist,
Abel son of Benjamin Hawkins and Abigail Grun
Alice daughter of Taylor B. and Emily J. Johnson

Albert Hawkins married Margaret Gittings Aug. 17, 1908 at Ste.
Anne, Montreal
Albert son of George Hawkins and Elizabeth Dowss
Margaret daughter of Patrick and Marie Fleming

Albert Edward Hawkins married Janet Scott Isbister 1907 Fairmount

Albert Dixon Hawkins married Marie Therese Aimee Janette June 17,
1933 at Laprairie, St. Francois Xavier
Albert son of Albert Ernest Hawkins and Hannah Dixon
Marie daughter of Joseph Emile and Malvina Hout

Alfred Hawkins married Martha Peterson Oct. 2, 1819 Anglican
Cathedral, Quebec City

Andrew Hawkins married Elizabeth Hannah Merrick June 26, 1844
Sweetsburg Methodist Church

Andrew Hawkins married Elizabeth Judith Stenthers June 30, 1894 at

Archie Carrol Hawkins married Thomossene Coburn 1914 St. Martin

Burton Hawkins married Susan Pearl Flandery May 4, 1910 Perth
Burton son of Elijah Hawkins and Elizabeth Hawkins
Susan daughter of William Pratt Flandery, no wife

Capriel Hawkins married Rosa Bertha Manselle 1924, St Geoge

Charles Hawkins married Elizabeth Farrell Dec. 8, 1863 Quebec

Cornelious P. Hawkins married Luise Andry Roch Sept. 10, 1934 St
Gabriel, Montreal
son of Peter Robert and Grace Madden
daughter of William and Kathleen McGwire

Donald Hawkins married Elizabeth Flora Burns 1907 Christ Church

Edmund Hawkins married Agnes Gladys Wilson 1960 Bethleem, Montreal

Edwin Hawkins married Elizabeth Jane Back April 28, 1859 , St
Peters Quebec City

Edwin Hawkins married Margaret Stuart Gray 1919 St James Montreal

Ernest Hawkins married Lilly Kelly 1913 St. James Montreal

Ernil Henry Hawkins married Jean Freu Nov. 10, 1934 St Mathews
Presb. Church, Montreal

Francis Hawkins married Caroline Mary Blackford 1909 St. Martin
Prot. Montreal

Francois Hawkins married Mary Ann Crawley 1844, Zion Church,

Frank Henry Hawkins married Jane Curran 1893, Prot. Montreal

Francis J. Hawkins married Frances Ada Martin 1926 St. Patrice
son of Michael and Alice Murphy
daughter of Thomas and Power

Frederick Hawkins married Eileen Acheson Dec. 17, 1739 St Roch,
son of James and Nellie ???????
daughter of Matthew and Margaret Richards

Frederick Hawkins married Anne Belle Livingston Nov. 12, 1888 East
Bolton, Sweetsburg
son of Frederick and Mitilda Page
daughter of none listed

Frederick Hawkins married Agnes Tweedie 1901 Knox

Frederick Hawkins married Lucinda Wing May 18, 1884 Sweetsburg

George Hawkins married Marie Elizabeth Callaghan 1857 St. George,

George Hawkins married Eugenie Sophia Delage Aug. 1907 St. Stephen

George Alfred Hawkins married Emily Morgan May 15, 1856 Anglican
Cathedral, Quebec CIty

George Hawkins married C. Stephenson 1867 St. Johns Evangelist

Giles Hawkins married Rachael Endwistle Sept. 22, 1891 Westmorland

Harry Hawkins married Cecile Langlois 1931 Wrightville, St Joside
son of John and Alexina Brouet
daughter of Gustav and Leda Landry

Harry Hawkins married Margaret Anna Sorjina 1908 St Edward,

Hector William Hawkins married Margaret Rose Broudreault May 4,
Cathredral of Montreal

Henry Hawkins married Alzinia Allard 1896 Prot. Montreal

Henry Hawkins married Lucy Annie Bale 1894 St Stephen Montreal

Henry Hawkins married Catherine Kate Dempssy 1908 Prot. Montreal

Henry Hawkins married Mary Fitsimmons July 1845 St Andrews Quebec

Henry Hawkins married Marie Irene Mineau Sept, 20, 1930 St. Leon ,

Henry Willis Hawkins married Jessy Reid 1825 St George Anglican

Henry Hawkins married Winnifred Wood 1922 Grace Anglican Montreal

Hubert Hawkins married Cecilia Kimball 1883 Unitarian Church

Herbert Hawkins married Lilly Hill Rankin 1919 Calvery Montreal

Israel Hawkins married Lucy Jane Wing July 28, 1884 Sweetsburg

James Hawkins married Elisabeth McGovern Sept. 22, 1869 Shefrord ,

James Hawkins married Mary A. Mitchel Oct. 23, 1871 St. Patrice
son of Edward and Ellen Kealy
daughter of Michel and Ellen ????????

James Henry Hawkins married Ida H. Perry April 13, 1904
Sweetsburg, Prot.
son of Samuel and Cathrine Tierman
daughter of Joel E. and Marie Jane Loucks

James Hawkins married Clarrisa Porter Aug. 15, 1840 Sweetsburg ,

James B. Hawkins married Jenny Schneider 1807, Hudson , Prot.

James Arthur Hawkins married Bertha Smith 1915, All Saints,

James Edward Hawkins married Sarah Anne Elizabeth Sully 1889
Trinity, Prot., Montreal

James Edward Hawkins married Elizabeth Ellen Williams 1886, Prot.
St James, Montreal

John Hawkins married Jane Alsels May 14, 1872, New Carlisle ,
son of Samuel and Jane Gallan
daughter of John and Margaret Gillice

John Hawkins married Luisa Ayers 1884, St Stephen, Prot. Montreal

John Hawkins married Ellen Brennan 1922 St. Willbrord Montreal

John Hawkins married Annetta Cecile Dumaione June 29, 1940 St
Zotique, Montreal

John hawkins married Ballamire Gore Oct. 14, 1824 at the Garison
at Quebec

John Hawkins married Irene Eva Marwich 1921, Shaw Memorial,

John Hawkins married Julia Twoomy 1852, St. Thomas , Montreal

Joseph Harvey Hawkins married Margaret Dewer Jan. 1, 1878
Grenville. Pres.
son of John and Celina Boss
daughter of Colin and Jane McIntrye

Joseph Hawkins married Lucy Ida Griffith 1899 St. Martin, Prot.

Joseph Alexandre Hawkins married Rosina Marie Manville Aug. 9,
1932 Sacred Heart, Ottawa

Joseph Hawkins married Sarah Morrison 1868 St. Andrew, Montreal

Joseph H. Hawkins married Emma Sly 1871 Christ Church, Montreal

Joseph Hawkins married Elizabeth Stewart 1865, St John Evangalist,

Kenneth Hawkins married Ethel Gibuson Aug. 3, 1910 Perth
son of Isa and Heather Hawkins
daughter of Whitfield and Almeda Hawkins

Laurant Hawkins married Corinne Aual Sept, 1928 Sacred Heart
son of William Edward and Caroline Groobridge
daughter of Thomas and Amand Monettu

Lionel Hawkins married Vera Thompson 1925 Calvery Church Montreal

Mortimer Hawkins married Mary Hearly Oct 22, 1940 Chapeau
son of Adam and Caroline Proulx
daughter of Thomas and Mabel Vanasse

Mathew Hawkins married Rachel Nixon 1840 St. Andrew, Prot.

Moses Hawkins married Pheobe Kate Brown 1915 Ascension, Montreal

Oliver Hawkins married Winnifred Gladys Fury May 29, 1935 St
Plillipe Anglican, Montreal

P. Douglas Hawkins married Gladys Sarah Kirpatrick June 4, 1927

Raymond Hawkins married Jacqueline Goulet Aug. 1, 1970

Richard Hawkins married Anni Florence Tomlin 1917  Prot. Montreal

Robert Peter Hawkins married Grace Mary Madden July 29, 1902 St
Anne, Montreal.

Robert W. Hawkins married Andrie Jessy McIntosh Sept. 3, 1917
United Church, Presb. Valleyfield

Samuel Hawkins married Mary Egglefield Chambly 1837, Prot.

Samuel Hawkins Married Jane Gallon Jan. 5, 1840 New Carlisle,

Thomas Hawkins married Emma Baynes 1869, St. John , Montreal

Thomas Hawkins married Rose Burns 1846 St. Johns, Montreal

Thomas Hawkins married Margaret Ann Crophy  1837 St. Gabriel ,
Preb., Montreal

Thomas Geoge Hawkins married Kathleen Ann Obrien Oct. 24, 1931
Ascension, Westmount

Thomas Hawkins married Marie Jane Williams June 20, 1919 ____Mines

Walter M. Hawkins married Edith Faulkner June 17, 1936 Port Arthur
, Ontario
son of Walter and Margaret OReilly
daughter of Arthur and Louise Elliott

Walter Hawkins married Line Alice Goodwin June 13, 1936 St Stephen
, Lachine, Anglican

Walter L. Hawkins married Margaret Mary O'Rielly Nov. 12, 1908
Port Athur , Ontario
son of John and Lucy Burne
daughter of John and Ellen Curkin

Walter Hawkins married Ellen Wally Jan. 9, 1914 Vallyfield

Weedon Hawkins married Sheila G. Weire June 21, 1938 Prest.
son of Ernest and Miriam Smith
daughter of Kenneth and G. Hamilton

Willaim Hawkins married Maria Cummings 1876 St Mark, Longeuiel

William Hawkins married Elizabeth Fordice April 14, 1840 Dunham ,
Quebec, Anglican

William R. Hawkins married Evelyn Lea Grey April 30, 1932 St.
Henrie, Montreal

Willaim Hawkins married Sarah Hay 1836 St Gabriel, Montreal

William Edwind Hawkins married Annie Hughes 1918 Prot. Montreal

William Hawkins married Jean Kelly 1919 Presb. Montreal

William Hawkins married Elizabeth Kilsell 1814 Montreal

Willaim Hawkins married Agnes Murray May 11, 1935 Grace Anglican
Church Montreal

William Hawkins married Catherine Wilson 1859 St. James Montreal

Misc. Hawkins Vital records

009054     7 May 1882   birth    St Vincent
Maria Alice Hawkins d/o Richard Hawkins (farmer) and Cornelia Jane Ronald

5 Nov 1882   death    Fort Erie,  Welland Co
Edward Hawkins,  32 years,   barber,   b. US,  died of consumption,

21 Feb 1892    death     Ottawa City
Emily Dora Hawkins,    4 mo,    malformation of windpipe,   C of

28 Oct 1902       death     Ottawa
Dorothy Sylvia Hawkins    8 mo         marasmus infantilis,  c of

23 Jul 1903          death     Ottawa
Wm Richardson Hawkins     17 y    consumption    Protestant

30 Nov 1878    death    Ottawa
Ellen K Hawkins, wife of Ed. Hawkins, b. Eng, cancer,
Roman Catholic

5 Aug 1879    death    Ottawa
Henry Hawkins,  age 16m,   b Ottawa,    dysentary,  informant James Hawkins,
Roman Catholic

3o Jul 1888   death   Toronto
Zelemia Emeline Hawkins,  age 32 m,  b Toronto,  Congestion of lungs,

5 Jul 1888,   death    Pembroke, Renfrew County
Thomas William A Hawkins,  age 2 m,  b Pembroke,  convulsions,
English Church

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