Transcripts from the Fanning Family Bible
provided by J. Gerald Griffith

****Births and Marriages****

Robert Fanning and Ellen Leach married by the Rev. James Preston
August the 18th 1864.

James Fanning born September the 1  1865.

Mary Fanning born October the 18th 1866.

Jane Susan Fanning born January the 4:1867

Eliza Ann Fanning born September the 19  1868

Ellen Matilda Fanning born June the 27  1871

Sarah Fanning born January the 3 1873

Samuel George Fanning born June the 10th 1876

Catherine Fanning born March the 5  1878

Jane Susen Fanning born July the 13th 1879

Robert Fanning born April 1  1836

****Transcription of a document found in the Fanning Bible****

In the matter of the estate and property of Robert Edwards,

James Lett of the township of Brook in the county of Lambton and
the province of Ont. do solemnly declare That my wife's name was
Deborah Saunders and I was married to her on December 4th 1861.

2) Said Deborah Saunders was the daughter of Thomas Saunders Jr.
and her said father Thomas Saunders Jr. was the son of Thomas
Saunders Sr. who was married in Kilkenny Ireland, and  said Thomas
Saunders Sr. with his children came from Ireland and settled in
Beckwith Township in Lanark Co. in Ont. and he died there in or
about the year 1844 being about eighty years old and was buried in
Franktown Cemetery in said Township of Beckwith.

3) Said Thomas Saunders Sr. was married second time to Sara Daly
and she died without issue and his first wife's name was Saunders
amd I knew her two brothers viz; my great uncle Thomas Saunders
and my great uncle James Saunders.

4) My great uincle said James Saunders was married but I do not
think he had any issue.

5) My great uncle Thomas Saunders was born in and died in 1874
being about 84 years old and was married to Mary Salter and left

6) My said grandfather Thos. Saunders and grandmother Saunders had
the following family VIZ;
- Hannah born in 1810 and died February 21st 1907 being married to
William Whitcroft and left issue.

- Jane married a man named George Kidd and had three of a family
and after said Kidd died she married Samuel Leach and left issue.

- Ellen born in 1802 and married John Lucas and died in April 1986
and left issue.

- Elizabeth married Richard Edwards and left issue.

- Katherine born in 1813 and married a man Leach and died in 1866
and left issue by said husband and afterwards married a second
time a man named Reid and left issue by him.

- Maria also known as May born in 1800 and married John Lett and
died in 1845 and left issue.  Buried in Franktown.

- Thomas born in 1810 and married Martha Edwards and died April
25th 1871 at the age of 61 years and 2 months and left issue.

My father was John Lett and my mother was said Maria Lett formerly
Saunders and I understand they were married in the south of
Ireland,  Their son Thomas Lett was born in Ireland they emigrated
to Canada in 1822 and settled in the Township of Beckwith I think
near or on Lot 27 Concession 4 and all their family except Thomas
Lett were born there and said Maria Lett formerly Saunders died
there about 1845 at 45 years of age and was buried in  Franktown
Cemetery in Beckwith Township.  The rest of the family moved in
1848 to Lot 18 Concession 13 in said Township of Brook where my
father died in 1878 aged 84 years and was buried in Mt. Carmel
Cemetery part  lot 14 in the Township of Brook.

     ****Following was written on the back of one page****

Sarah Saunders married William Lumax (Lomax?) in Perth on March
5th 1827 died Jan, 27th 1891.

Samuel Leach married Jane Saunders in Franktown English church on
or about    died in Beckwith Ont. August 17th 1874 aged  74 years
his wife Jane Saunders died November 3rd 1873 aged 76 in Beckwith

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J. Gerald Griffith <>