For their contributions and invaluable assistance, my appreciation and thanks to:

Terri Alcock (Hawkins)
John Armour (McNeely) - John Armour's Homepage
Sharon Booker (Gibson)
Bonny Caddy (Lowry)
Alice Camp (Hawkins)
Howard Comba (Comba/Downey and McKinley/Hudson)
Frances Daniels (Catholic Saunders)
Edith Pearl Gomez (Griffith, Leach, Sheppard)
J. Gerald Griffith (Fanning)
Elizabeth M. 'Betty ' Gordon (Gordon, Hawkins, Lowry)
Armand Haley (Mick)
Lowell Hawkins (Lanark Hawkins and related lines)
Robert McNaughton Hawkins (Lanark Hawkins)
William Garnet Hawkins (Lanark Hawkins)
Bob and Joanne Jensen (Jensen, DuVivier, Rushworth)
Amy Jerreat (Jerreat)
Ida Johnston (Countryman/Inkster)
June (GeeJay) (Hawkins)
Chris Kowal (Longtin) - Kowal FTM Site
Jim Larson (Larson, McCormick)
John Laughlin (Leach/Lucas)
Conrad and Crystal Manly (Manly)
Elizabeth McNeely (McNeely)
Beth Millar (Leech, Griffith, Edwards, Hawkins)
Jan Ozorowsky (Hawkins)
Claude Pelletier & Laure Gautier (Pelletier) - Chez Laure Gauthier & Claude E. Pelletier
Ann Peters (Fennell)
Nat Reed (McCormick)
Jana Robertson (Espelien)
Edward Rushworth - The Home of Rushworth
Bill Scroggins (Virgina/Devonshire Hawkins)
Kenneth Seguin - Séguin dit Ladéroute
Julia Snow (Rath/Leach)
Beth Speicher (Griffith, Leach, Hawkins)
Keith Thompson (Rath) - Lanark County Genealogy Research
Janet Turcott (Fennell)
May Vint (Blackstock)
Kathi Wiley (Tennessee Hawkins)
Mary Ward's Middle School Social Studies Class - Pine Mountain Central School District
Michelle Peng - EducatorLabs

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